Branding, Identity Design

January, 2021


Independent Lead Designer
(Logo, Identity System, Brand Guidelines)


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︎ Images courtesy of Team
Pfizer Rebrand

Rebrand one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world by repositioning it as science forward, a biopharmaceutical company.

New logo and brand identity system representing the Pfizer's evolution by transforming brand’s 70 years old legacy logo—the pill—into a unique helix form that evokes connectivity and continuity with an emphasis on transformation and science.

︎Creative Direction: John Clark, Amy Globus

︎Design Lead: Sabri Akın

︎Art Direction and Design: Sabri Akın, Devin Sager, Nicole Wang, Aida ElBaradei, Mark Wolfe, Jiayue Li, Ioan Butiu, Aleksander Hamid, Shannon Jager, Edan Esinly

︎Pfizer Letterform Refinement: Jeremy Mickel

︎Producer: Samantha Kassay

︎3D and Motion Graphics: Bruno Canales, Luke Guyer, Nil Serraima, Albert Sanjuán, Eric Langlay, Mark Parsons

︎Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi

︎Writing: Stewart Stone, Hunter Braithwaite